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Organizations that thrive in the 21st Century are distinguished by three attributes: entrepreneurship, organizational foresight, and generational diversity. A leader in organizational change, HayimHerring.com has developed Ahead of the Curve Planning™, a modular process that launches organizations toward an intergenerational, forward-looking, sustainable, entrepreneurial future. Last century, organizations could survive even if they were late adopters of innovations. Now, we’ve moved beyond innovation, and organizations must regularly envision their future and lead the way to it.


Ahead of the Curve Planning: Create Your Organization’s Desired Future


Clarify: The most critical step in addressing an issue is defining it accurately. If an organization cannot accurately articulate an issue at the beginning of a process, then it may develop creative responses—but to secondary issues! Clarification is the process that HH.com uses to help organizations gain insight into the primary issues they seek to address. Clarification uses a step-by-step series of questions to refine organizational issues and then uses online resources to broaden the possibilities for addressing them.


Envision the Future: Hayim is certified by Daniel Burrus, one of the World’s Leading Futurist Speakers on Global Trends and Disruptive Innovation, in the Anticipatory Leader System™, and in strategic exploration tools including T.I.P.S. (Trends, Innovations, and Paradigm Shifts) Tracking and the Implications Wheel®  by Joel Barker, a pioneer in organizational futurism. These tools recognize that the past and present are unreliable guides for renewing an organization’s future.


Anticipate Before Investing: All significant changes have potentially positive and negative implications. But when leaders decide to take or refrain from some action, it’s easy to miss the range of potential positive and negative consequences of their choices. Why? They lack simple, rapid tools to distinguish what’s trendy from a trend that can be a game-changing opportunity. Hayim uses a range of powerful processes to help decision-makers generate simple visual maps of potential implications of their actions before investing resources.


Prioritize: Once leaders map the possible implications of a key decision under consideration, they have critical missing data that enables them to take the next step—prioritizing objectives and choosing initiatives that support the objectives. The process of determining strategic objectives and initiatives can be contentious because it involves real choices, with risks and rewards. While there are a number of processes available for prioritization, Hayim draws upon his training in strategic foresight to help leaders prioritize options and chart a pathway to success.


Lead Like an Entrepreneur: In this step of Ahead of the Curve Planning, organizations prototype initiatives using tested principles of entrepreneurship. HayimHerring.com’s team members are experienced in entrepreneurship and can support organizational leaders in implementing their plans with regularly scheduled coaching support. Through practice, leaders can more confidently develop an entrepreneurial culture well into the future.


Clarify. Envision. Anticipate. Prioritize. Lead. Look beyond the horizon with Ahead of the Curve Planning.


You can prepare for tomorrow’s future today with Hayim in several ways:

  • Invite him as a keynote speaker to make your constituents and employees aware that entrepreneurship, organizational foresight, and generational diversity are no longer option but required.


  • Engage him as a consultant using his Ahead of the Curve Planning


  • Hire him as an executive coach to develop the leadership characteristics needed to help organizations thrive or to work through significant organizational issues.


  • Or, suggest your own option and we’ll listen!

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