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Using Social Media to Support Israel

Posted on: November 20th, 2012 by Hayim Herring
Using Social Media to Support Israel

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My colleague and friend, Rabbi Jason Miller, wrote a column in the New York Jewish Week, titled The First War Played Out in the Social Networks. It’s about how the Israeli Government and the terrorist group, Hamas, that is ruling Gaza, are using social media platforms like Twitter. It’s a very informative piece, which is why I’ve hyperlinked to it.

One implication of Rabbi Miller’s comments is the importance of having social media policies in place, updated contact information of constituents, and a social media crisis management response plan ready to go. More specifically, they also made me think about how we can support Israel during this unacceptable situation of millions of Israeli citizens living in bomb shelters or having to flee to them routinely. (And yes-the situation is also intolerable for innocent Gazans who cannot stop Hamas militants from placing lethal munitions in their basements, in crowded neighborhoods, where they know they will inflict carnage on their own citizens. Who wants to see truly innocent people suffering?!)


If you want to help, you can:

With the guidance of leaders, volunteers can play a substantive role in communicating to the public.

Personally, I wish that I were in Israel now, volunteering and showing support. But until I get there in about five weeks, I can at least use social media as a public means of support. I hope that you will too and if you have other ideas, please comment.


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Rabbi Hayim Herring