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How can your organization benefit from Hayim’s help?

Hayim is passionate about helping organizations deepen and broaden their impact for good in the world. Nonprofits, congregations, and businesses have challenges of adapting to new ways of leading, decision-making, engaging employees and volunteers, and innovating in a socially networked world. Hayim helps emerging organizations scale for sustainability and maintain their entrepreneurial culture and works with established ones to adapt to a 24/7 wired world. He also highlights how organizations can navigate the challenges of having four generations in the workplace.

Why hire Hayim?

Hayim knows that every organization is unique, so he takes the time first to understand clients’ needs and then designs a process that fits with their culture. Drawing upon his experience as researcher, “C-suite” organizational leader, presenter, and futurist, he enables organizations to reposition themselves for ongoing impact. He uses organizational tools that are aligned with today’s needs for speed, foresight, and connecting generations to achieve to results. As an ordained clergy member who also holds a doctorate in organization and management, he has extensive experience in working with individuals from all generations. That enables him to help organizational leaders use generational diversity to navigate the accelerating changes that affect our workplaces, neighborhoods, and families.

What is Hayim’s record of success?

Organizations that thrive in the 21st Century are distinguished by three attributes: entrepreneurship, organizational foresight, and generational diversity. Traditional strategic planning doesn’t take these characteristics of successful organizations into account. That’s why Hayim stopped using last century’s strategic planning models and developed a process called Ahead of the Curve Planning™. Ahead of the Curve Planning™ enables leaders to clarify their greatest challenges, envision options for responding to them, anticipate what’s trendy and what trends they should focus on, prioritize them for greatest impact, and lead entrepreneurially. Hayim also has a person-centered leadership coaching practice where leaders identify issues they want to solve or projects they wish to implement. As a co-founder of a multiple year, Slingshot award-winning organization, a lead Covenant Foundation Signature grant writer and recipient, and creator of the national Shabbat Synaplex™ Initiative, Hayim is a proven entrepreneur and change leader who will help your organization find its way to a more inspirational future.


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