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I’m passionate about the power of nonprofits as catalysts for social good. I’ve led several nonprofits (primarily faith-based) and as C.E.O. of HayimHerring.com, my mission is “Preparing Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Organizations™.” In my professional and personal life, I am:

▪ A relationship-builder who bridges defined categories to create a “third” more inclusive way ▪ Thrives on empowering volunteers and professionals to succeed ▪ Empathetic ▪ Transparent ▪ Mission-focused ▪ Able to envision and actualize new business opportunities and collaborative organizational partnerships ▪ Entrepreneurial, strategic, and highly energetic ▪ Inspires individuals and organizations to achieve their greatest impact ▪ Leverages substantial real-world experience to put sound management practices and financial controls in place ▪ Values constructive feedback ▪ Published author and researcher ▪ Curious, embraces new possibilities

As a rabbi and a Ph.D. in Organization and Management, I integrate academic and real-world clergy and organizational leadership experience. I draw upon person-centered counseling, empathetic listening, systems thinking, and symptom diagnosis with my knowledge of leadership, entrepreneurship, organizational foresight, and strategic action. My background translates into a unique approach of empathy and accountability in working with secular and faith-based nonprofit leaders.

My specialties include entrepreneurship, volunteer engagement, nonprofit strategy, social networks and communications, marketing, and assessment. As a certified organizational futurist, I coach individuals and organizations to “prepare for tomorrow today™ ” by anticipating and preparing for potential positive outcomes and avoiding possible adverse consequences of innovations, policy changes, and initiatives.

I’ve published over 70 scholarly and popular articles and studies about the intersection of technology, spirituality, community, entrepreneurship, leadership, and organizing in a networked era. Recent books include Connecting Generations: Bridging the Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial Divide (Rowman and Littlefield 2019); Leading Congregations and Nonprofit Organizations in a Connected World: Platforms, People and Purpose (Rowman and Littlefield 2016), co-authored with Dr. Terri Elton; and, Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today: Creating Vibrant Centers of Jewish Life (Rowman/Alban Institute 2012).

Theory and practice, real-life experience and perspective, listening and learning, humor and hope – I’m ready to help your organization.

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Hayim Herring and his team recognize that the velocity of change often makes organizational life unpredictable. Only with hindsight, are leaders able to see how they might have minimized risks and increased their opportunities for greater impact. Hayim blends outside perspective and inside experience to guide and support organizational leaders with expertise for continued relevance, impact and future success in a dynamic environment. We work with organizations that have a religious, educational or socially progressive mission.


Our Values

• Confidence and humility: While no single person has “the answer,” we are capable and have the experience to effectively respond to any challenge or opportunity to which we commit.
• Diversity and collaboration: Using the collective wisdom of a group, organizations can creatively address their opportunities and problems.
• Transparency and good communication: Trust among people is the pivot for meaningful change, and trust is fostered when stakeholders openly shape and share decisions.
• Inquiry and action: Given the swiftness of change, we take time to learn about new developments that can improve solutions.
• Playfulness and humor: We work hard, are passionate about what we do and like to work with people who also know how to have fun.


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Watch Rabbi Hayim Herring and Dr. Terri Elton on KARE 11 talking about their new book, “Leading Congregations and Nonprofits in a Connected World: Platforms, People and Purpose.”


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