Visioneer Coaching for Executive Leaders, Leadership Teams, and Boards

Leaders who create 21st-century thriving organizations practice entrepreneurship, organizational foresight, and effective communications across multiple channels. They tap into the diverse generational perspectives of Gen Zers, Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers to navigate a complex world. Today’s organizational leaders must be “Visioneers,” people who envision and pioneer a path toward their organization’s desired future impact.

To become a Visioneer, Hayim will coach you or your leadership through five steps:

1. Clarify. Your success in responding to a problem or opportunity is linked to accurately defining it. Hayim coaches you through a step-by-step series of questions and exercises to identify primary and secondary issues, a process that you can use again after the coaching engagement concludes to identify future issues.


2. Learn the difference between “unanticipated consequences” – those events that no amount of planning could have prepared us for – and “unintended consequences” – events that we would have likely anticipated if we had easy-to-use predictive tools. In this step, you’ll learn how to better anticipate potential positive and negative outcomes of a policy change, innovation, or new initiative, before investing your time and money.


3. Now that you have information to enhance your decision-making, you’ll learn how to write a clear and compelling vision. Hayim will guide you through a visual acuity process so that anyone inside or outside of your organization will understand your organization’s desired future.


4. Once leaders have a clear vision and understand the likely implications of new initiatives, they’re ready to prioritize objectives. The process of determining strategic goals and actions can be contentious because leaders must choose among competing interests. Hayim uses visual tools that reduce disagreement and build consensus so that leaders can chart a pathway to success.


5. The real test of leaders is their ability to mobilize people around their vision and enact it by using tested practices of successful entrepreneurs. Hayim coaches leaders to “think big, move fast, start small, provide support, assess initial results, make adjustments as needed, communicate results, scale it up or close it down™.”


Inspirational Workshops and Presentations

Hayim is a popular presenter and media guest. He presents at congregations, federations, JCC’s, day schools, camps, and foundations throughout the country and lectures at prestigious graduate schools throughout the United States. He was interviewed thirty times on television, radio, and in print and digital media for his most recent book, Connecting Generations: Bridging the Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial Divide. Engage Hayim for a series or specific topics for your leadership.

Organizational Workshop and Presentation Topics

From “Face Time” to Face-to-Face Time: Connecting Generations in An Age of Social Isolation

Click here for details on a three-part series to boost engagement in your organization by tapping into the shared need for community across the generations.”

ReImagine Your Organization: Organizations are containers of meaning for individuals and communities. Organizations can change lives, change communities, and make the world a better place. The way that an organization is structured either inhibits or accelerates its impact. Learn with Hayim how your organization can reimagine the way it does its work and exceed its potential for positive social change. Hayim can present on topics including:

• Leading Organizations in a Connected World

• Jewish Organizations 3.0: New Generations, New Paradigm

• “Anything, Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere:” Jewish Community in an Age of Extreme Choice


Lead Your Organization: Organizations that thrive in the 21st-Century strive for ongoing excellence. They are entrepreneurial, proactively shape their future, benefit from the wisdom of diverse members, and communicate effectively in a socially connected world. Hayim simplifies these topics and provides hands-on resources that your leaders can apply. Hayim can present on topics including:

• How to Be an Entrepreneurial Organization

• Forecasting the Future: How to Enact Your Organization’s Next Stage

• Aleph – Beta: Entrepreneurship in a Jewish Context

• Don’t Settle for Average – Achieve Organizational Excellence


Make Your Organization Thrive: Vibrant organizations motivate volunteers, assess impact, increase engagement, collaborate internally and externally with other organizations, and innovate wisely. Engage Hayim for presentations on these topics and thrive into the future.

• Proven Pathways to Successful Innovation

• Re-thinking Volunteer Engagement

• Identifying Opportunities for Growth and Engagement

• From Competition to Collaboration: Building a Thriving Community

• Mission Control: Sharpening Your Mission to Refuel Passion


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