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How can your organization benefit from Hayim’s help?

Hayim Herring TeachingHayim is passionate about helping organizations deepen and broaden their impact for good in the world. Established congregations and organizations have challenges of adapting to new ways of leading, decision-making, engaging volunteers, and innovating in a socially networked world. Emerging congregations and organizations have to think about how to scale for sustainability, while maintaining their entrepreneurial culture. Hayim has led both kinds of organizations, and can support them with resources, organizational tools and insights to achieve success.

Why hire Hayim?

Hayim's background and experience is unique among organizational consultants. He is the only rabbi in North America with a PhD in organization and management. As a researcher and author, he understands that yesterday's best practices will not serve today's organizations. He draws upon original research and current scholarly literature to enable organizations to reposition themselves for ongoing impact. He uses organizational tools that are aligned with today’s needs for speed, foresight and results. Most importantly, Hayim takes the time first to understand clients’ needs and then designs a process that fits with their culture.

What is Hayim’s record of success?

Organizations that thrive in the 21st-Century strive for ongoing excellence. They are entrepreneurial, proactively shape their future, benefit from the wisdom of diverse members, and communicate effectively in a socially connected world. Vibrant organizations motivate volunteers, assess impact, increase engagement, and innovate wisely. They connect people with their deepest selves, end generational stereotypes, and identify the shared perennial tasks of all generations. Learn with Hayim to reimagine how your organization does its work and can exceed its potential for positive social change. As a co-founder of a multiple year, Slingshot award-winning organization, a lead Covenant Foundation Signature grant writer and recipient, and creator of the national Shabbat Synaplex™ Initiative, Hayim is a proven entrepreneur and change leader who will help your organization find its way to a more inspirational future.


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