The Entrepreneurial Rabbi™


Attend a complimentary Webinar on June 16, 7:30 pm EDT or on June 20, 12 Noon EDT


A little background about this learning opportunity….Since 2012, I’ve written and edited three publications about congregations, rabbinical education, the contemporary Jewish community, and the wider context in which congregations and Jewish organizations exist. I’ve also just completed researching and co-authoring a fourth book on established congregations that are adapting to a more nimble way of working, and newer congregations that are learning how to add structure while maintaining their agility (scheduled for publication Fall 2016 by Rowman and Littlefield).


Especially over the last five years, one of the recurring themes that I heard was the need for rabbis to be “more entrepreneurial.” In response to that, I developed The Entrepreneurial Rabbi™—so that colleagues can gain greater understanding, practice and applied resources on entrepreneurship within a congregational or Jewish organizational context. Despite differences in values, I know that it’s possible to bridge the cultural divides between the entrepreneurial world and Jewish congregations/organizations in a way that respects what we value about our Jewish community.


By participating in this complimentary webinar, you’ll learn if the full version of The Entrepreneurial Rabbi™ (which will soon launch as a five-session, online, cohort-based workshop) is right for you, and as a way of saying “thank you,” you’ll also receive a new resource that you can apply to your work.



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