Keeping Faith in Rabbis: A Community Conversation about Rabbinical Education


Co-authored with Ellie Roscher (Avenida Books 2014), an analysis of essays from rabbis, lay people and academics across the denominational spectrum, critically exploring the relationship between rabbinical education and the many professional roles that rabbis play.

Keeping Faith in Rabbis


Keeping Faith in Rabbis. A Community Conversation about Rabbinical Education, is a collection of essays from rabbis, academics, rabbinical students and lay people across the denominational spectrum addressing the question, “How well do rabbinical programs prepare people for their Rabbinate?” This book celebrates the work of rabbis who strive to create vibrant Jewish communities where individuals and families can express and explore Jewish meaning. Unmediated voices provide insights to all stakeholders in rabbinical education. Unique in its diversity of viewpoints, it is an invaluable resource to better equip rabbis for 21st Century leadership in the ever-changing Jewish religious landscape.


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