Hayim Herring was named as one of the Top 10 Jewish Twitter Users in 2014 from ShalomLife.com


“Rabbi Herring is an extraordinary coach and non-profit professional whose expertise I would recommend even for non-rabbinic executives. His insights find the right balance between supportive and challenging. If you’re considering working with him, I am happy to share more about my experience. Just know that 5 stars isn’t enough.”

– Rabbi Sarah Bassin

“Crystal balls are hard to find. But I know where to find one. When I want to see into the future of what is possible and what is needed, I continually turn to Hayim Herring. His books have been on my syllabi to prepare clergy and educators for tomorrow. Most recently, his voice, and his ability to listen in between the lines, inspired a group of lay leaders and clergy from our community to foster inter-generational community. It is always a privilege to work with a mensch who is so darn smart.”

– Cyd Weissman, Vice-President, Innovation and Impact, Reconstructing Judaism

“Hayim Herring is talking about the issues that all of us who care for the Jewish future need to be talking about. He gives us a language and a methodology to begin to address the crucial questions that all of us are facing.”

– Rabbi David Glanzberg-Kranin, Raymond and Ruth Perelman Senior Rabbinic Chair, Beth Shalom Congregation

“This past December we were very fortunate to have Rabbi Hayim Herring serve as a scholar in residence for the Metropolitan Detroit Jewish Community. While in Detroit, Hayim had the opportunity to share his wisdom and vision for 21st-century congregations over several learning sessions with our Michigan Board of Rabbis, congregational presidents and lay leaders, Federation lay leaders and staff, and congregational school directors of education. Our leadership was intrigued with Hayim’s ideas for how to move congregations from operating like closed organizations to functioning more as open platforms. As our leadership struggle with the challenges (and opportunities) facing our rapidly changing Jewish community, it was a wonderful treat to learn with Hayim and gain new insights into how to create vibrant congregations. Hayim proved himself to be a masterful educator and visionary leader for congregational change.”

– Jeffrey Lasday, Director, Alliance for Jewish Education, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, Detroit, MI

“Rabbi Herring gained the trust of our leadership and helped us kick off our transformative “Joshua Project.” His wise teaching allowed us to understand the context of synagogue change, focused our goals, and encouraged our staff to grow and evolve.”

– Rabbi Morley T. Feinstein, University Synagogue, Los Angeles, CA

“Hayim Herring inspires synagogue leaders (both lay and professional) to rethink the status quo. Hayim’s masterful facilitation skills combined with his courage to ask respectful yet difficult questions make him a valuable change agent both in person and via his latest book, Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today.”

– Lisa Harris Glass, Director, Synagogue Leadership Initiative & Jewish Educational Services, Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey, Paramus, NJ

“Hayim is an applied visionary. He blends his knowledge of the Jewish and business worlds with practical wisdom, and has helped us to think more about who we are and what we do in fundamentally different ways. I trust that he always has our best interests in mind.”

– Howard Tevlowitz, Executive Director, The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee, Sarasota, FL

“If you’re looking for someone with energy, passion, vision and creativity, Rabbi Herring should be at the top of your list.”

– Sanford Cardin, Past President, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

“If there is someone more knowledgeable, more insightful, more prophetic about the needs and trends within the American Jewish community today, I have yet to meet him. Hayim is a great teacher, an excellent motivator, a wise and caring leader. My Board both loved and learned from him.”

– Rabbi Terry Bookman, Temple Beth Am, Pinecrest, FL

“Hayim’s dedication and vision are matched by the energy and passion he brings to his work. He is constantly looking for new and promising ways to connect people with their causes, which he practices with seriousness and tremendous attention to detail. Hayim governs his working life with a unique warmth and kindness that make him a pleasure to work with and an honor to know.”
-Monique Cuvelier, C.E.O., Talance

“Hayim is an applied visionary. He blends his knowledge of the Jewish and business worlds with practical wisdom, and has helped us to think more about who we are and what we do in fundamentally different ways. I trust that he always has our best interests in mind.”

-Howard Tevlowitz, Executive Director, The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee

“I have had the benefit of reading Rabbi Herrings work over the years and most recently working with him to host a collaboration workshop for participants in UJA Federation of Greater Toronto’s Joshua Institute for Jewish Communal Leadership. Rabbi Herring is thoughtful, collaborative, strategic, engaging and inspiring. His practical insights and vast experience helps to strengthen Jewish communal institutions in the 21st century.”

-Robin Gofine | VP, Strategic Community Planning & Engagement, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

“After learning from Hayim Herring in the STAR Foundation’s PEER fellowship I made sure to invite him to serve as a guest speaker in my former congregation’s “Visions of the Jewish Future” series. Hayim was illuminating, entertaining and insightful. He shaped a discussion on envisioning what can take place in the synagogue of the 21st century that lasted for a long time after his session concluded. Hayim continues to serve as a mentor, role model and motivator for me in my personal and professional life.”

Rabbi Jason Miller, Educator, Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert and Blogger; President of Access Technology


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