The January 6 Coup

Posted on: June 27th, 2022 by Hayim Herring


I am a proud American and Jew. As I watched the attempted January 6th Coup happening on the news, I thought of the fires of hate that burned throughout Europe in the 1920s. This hatred was a harbinger for what was to come: the Fascist march on Rome, the Nazi march on Nuremberg, and the murderous veil of darkness that nearly devoured the world.

Now, the embers of hate across the United States threaten to catch fire and burn the fabric of our American democracy. White Nationalists marched on the U.S. capitol echoing voices of the Old South and carrying the flag of the Jim Crow laws and Confederacy. Voices demanding that African Americans and Jewish Americans return to segregation. Swimming pools refusing ‘Jews and Blacks’, lynching of African Americans, extra-judicial killing of American-Jews, the Tulsa Race Massacre…

Hatred is growing across these great United States, fanned by our self-declared enemies, including the Iranian dictatorship, the Russian autocracy, and the North Korea supremacy. We must renew the American spirt, “for out of the many, one,” and stand resolute for our democracy. This burning animosity is un-American and drives our fellow Americans to hate each other.

We must regain the way of these great United States of America, of what the American flag truly means – democracy, dignity, and freedom. We must reject the evil that threatens to take our democracy, to turn Americans against each other and leave us as impoverished citizens. All faith traditions command us to unite in God’s love and make our democracy thrive for all again.


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