From “Face Time” to Face-to-Face Time:
Connecting Generations in An Age of Social Isolation

A Workshop Series to Boost Membership Engagement


Rabbi-Hayim-HerringNot long ago, birds tweeted, opponents took swipes at rivals, and young people became adults when they first voted. Today, humans tweet, people swipe left or right on dating apps, and older adolescents practice “adulting” until they grow up. The “generation gap” has widened to a “generation gulf.” We’re more connected but more alone, and younger generations are at
the highest risk for social isolation. But this loneliness problem is a unique opportunity for congregations and Jewish organizations which are uniquely constructed to connect us more deeply with ourselves and with others across the generations. In this three-part series, your congregation or Jewish organization will learn how to reduce the social isolation epidemic by connecting generations and expanding engagement.

Session 1: L’dor va-Dor Plus Five More!

The Biblical 120-year lifespan is becoming more of a reality. With an unprecedented seven generations alive at one time, we’re challenged to develop a playbook to navigate our way to enriching relationships across so many generations. How do we move from generational conflict to mutual generational appreciation for the life experiences of young and old? You’ll learn how Jewish wisdom helps us reclaim the perennial work of all generations: relinquish parts of the past that restrain our potential, retain those aspects that serve us well, and use the existing root system to nurture the seeds for a better future.

Session 2: Hey, Alexa, Are You My Mommy or Daddy? Parenting and Grandparenting in a Digital Age

P.D. Eastman’s classic children’s book, Are You My Mother, is about a baby bird that hatches while its mother is looking for food. While the mother bird is absent, the baby bird confuses a crane, a dog, a cow, and a plane for its mother. Today, young children are at risk of confusing a digital assistant like Alexa with a parent. Why? Because children often ask a device for suggestions on what to wear, watch, or wish for before asking their parents! Learn how parents, grandparents, and educators can guide children and grandchildren to prioritize relationships over apps, and independent thought over addictive algorithms.

Session 3: Ten Ways to Boost Engagement by Acting Intergenerationally

Jewish organizations and congregations are multigenerational, with as many as seven generations as members. But by segregating members by age, they miss a great opportunity for generations to experience the joy of mutual learning and sharing. An ideal community is intergenerational, one in which members of each generation feel a stake in the other’s ability to thrive. Learn how Jewish organizations and congregations can use existing resources to do what only they can do – recreate an age-integrated Jewish community for the 21st Century. Acquire ten intergenerational strategies that will place your congregation or organization on an exciting path of deeper membership engagement and outreach to those seeking a purposeful community.

About Hayim Herring

connecting-generations-hayim-herringRabbi Hayim Herring, Ph.D., is C.E.O. of, a consulting firm whose mission is “Preparing Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Organizations™.” Hayim, a proven entrepreneur, is a nonprofit strategist, executive coach, and author. He uses his rabbinic experience in empathetic listening and systems thinking to provide clients the confidence they need to advance their goals. Hayim blends his real-world experience as a “C-suite” executive of several nonprofits, a futurist, and a prolific author to create a playbook for navigating four generations in the workplace in an “always-on” connected world. His newest book, Connecting Generations: Bridging the Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial Divide, has been widely acclaimed. Radio hosts and clients call Hayim “a visionary and engaging presenter.”

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